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The Solar Renewable Energy Corporation has installed several hundred solar panels in residential properties, and solar commercial systems across Sydney New South Wales, and the rest of Australia.

These solar installations provide renewable energy credits for all our satisfied customers.

Solar REC has the distinct advantage of having its own in-house installation company and teams, along with its own in-house Level 2 Grid Connection staff who will complete your connection to the Grid on the day of installation. This is a critical fact to consider before choosing your solar supplier.

Our experienced personnel will visit your home prior to installation - complete a site appraisal, and arrange an appropriate time for your installation with our own Clean Energy Council certified Electricians.

Owing to our purchasing power we offer and use many well known and recognised brands such as …

SMA Sharp PVI Solar Hyundai LDK TS Plantation Shutters
SMA Sharp PVI Solar Hyundai LDK TS Plantation Shutters
CEC Accredited